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For those of you who might be wondering what  Heather Soucy Photography is all about, 

I wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know me a little better.


Growing up, I always had two major interests; life and art. Photography was the first way that I was able to combine the two.

For as long as I can remember, there have always been cameras around. My Dad, now a successful professional in the photo/video industry, was always tinkering with new equipment and needing subjects to work with. Naturally, his children and dogs were photographed frequently. 

 It wasn’t until years later, once I picked up my own camera, that I began to understand that he was doing much more than pointing a lens and clicking a button. I now can appreciate that true art of photography lies in the ability to capture the essence of who someone is, not just how they appear.

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Fast forward…

In high school I began picking up the camera too. My Dad taught me everything I know about photography. With his coaching and being able to learn the basics on his professional gear and editing software, it quickly became my greatest hobby and a special way for us to spend time together. We began traveling together and photographing our adventures

After high school, I attended The University of Massachusetts Amherst to complete a degree in Kinesiology (human anatomy and exercise physiology). While I pursued my academic studies I started taking on some of my first small, paid photography sessions.


As undergrad came and went, I continued traveling any chance I got as well as second-shooting with my Dad at some of his high-end weddings and large-scale corporate productions. As a fly on the wall, working alongside him and some of the very best in the industry, witnessing masterpieces in the making, it was the ultimate apprenticeship.

                                  Graduate School

While Photography continued to stay near and dear to my heart, the sciences were a love too strong to deny. I chose to apply my Kinesiology degree towards a Master of Science in Nursing. It was around this time, while barely staying afloat as a grad student, when people around me began to get engaged, pregnant, married, etc.


I was working two jobs to pay my bills on top of school and struggled with being able to congratulate any of them with monetary items. Then I realized I had a talent and service that I could offer to my dear friends and colleagues in these special moments. Instead of giving them an item to sit on their kitchen counter or in their child's closet for a few years, I could give them something that would remain on their walls, in their photo albums, and in their memories for the rest of their lives. It wasn’t until I had gifted a few sessions for friends and received such amazing feedback I started to believe maybe I could offer this to everyone.

Throughout Grad School I began to book my first corporate sessions, parties, and weddings. These shoots ultimately helped fund a few special trips that have always been on my bucket list including Iceland, Switzerland and Alaska. I have spent months on the road traveling with my dog, Ripley (my favorite subject), exploring and photographing remote parts of the country that are often overlooked.  We even fell in love with some of these places, like Colorado, and decided to call them home for while.


From Boston to Baltimore, to Denver, to Portland, I now have nearly a decade of experience working with couples, families, seniors, and corporate companies. 

“But, photography isn’t your full time job?”

You're right! Not always, no. Throughout the winter months you will find me working as an ER nurse, working in pediatric and adult emergency rooms across the country. Seasonally, May through October, I am fortunate enough to be able to step away from the bedside and focus solely on you, my clients, and my photography.


As a board certified Emergency Room & Trauma nurse, I often witness and document some of the most painful and traumatic moments of peoples’ lives.  In contrast, as a photographer, I have the honor of documenting some of the most joyful and beautiful moments of peoples’ lives.


In both jobs I am required to be ready for anything to happen, at any moment. In both jobs, I am required to adjust and adapt with changing situations and to make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in. In both, there is opportunity for me to go above and beyond to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the people I am serving so that they can look back and say “Heather made the difference” in the experience they had.  

While I'm sure it sounds strange to some that I don't simply pick one career to put all of my passion towards, one important thing to know about me is that I treat every photo shoot with the same professionalism and urgency that I bring to my hospital and nursing career and it is in both that I find balance within my own life. 


Without photography, I’m not sure I could do my job as a nurse without losing sight of just how beautiful and special life really is. Without nursing, I'm not sure I could truly understand the importance of documenting precious memories for my clients and their loved ones.


Whether you’re looking for a photographer or simply want to chat more about learning how to develop your photography skills, I’m always excited to network. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading!



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