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For those of you who might be wondering what  Heather Soucy Photography is all about,

I (Heather) am a couples, engagement, wedding, and special event photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Owner and operator, I have over ten years of experience capturing genuine moments and memories with a true-to-life, artistic and detail-oriented approach. My mission as your photographer is to preserve moments of authentic emotion while utilizing natural light to enhance subjects and their surroundings.


If you didn't already know, I really love getting to know my clients! Not only do I enjoy making new friends, but I truly believe that my ability to capture you accurately depends entirely on my ability to see the parts of you that aren't always visible. As a photographer, or any artist for that matter, to successfully represent a subject means you have to first understand that subject you hope to portray. 


When you look through your final gallery, I want you to see your energy and personality, not just your body. For some people, that might mean looking at something bright and colorful. For others, that might mean something a bit darker and muted. Being a true-to-life and natural-light photographer, knowing your interests, style, and what "vibe" speaks to you is SO important when deciding where/when/how we are going to create and capture images, as well as how I can enhance them during post-processing.


Growing up, I always had two major interests; people and art. Photography was the first way that I was able to combine the two.

For as long as I can remember, long before everyone had a camera in their pockets at all times, I carried mine with me everywhere I went. From a polaroid to a point and shoot, then various generations of DSLRs, I have always been "that person" that comes with a camera in tow!

“But, photography isn’t your full time job?”

You're right! Not always, no. Throughout the winter months you will find me working as an Emergency Room Nurse. Seasonally, May through October, I step away from the bedside to focus entirely on you, my clients, and the work we do together. Then, October-May I return to the hospital to give 100% to my hospital career and caregiving.

heather soucy, canon camera, photographer, registered nurse, martha's vineyard photographer
heather soucy, canon camera, photographer, registered nurse, martha's vineyard photographer
heather soucy, canon camera, photographer, registered nurse, martha's vineyard photographer

As a board certified Emergency Room & Trauma nurse, I often witness and document some of the most painful and traumatic moments of peoples’ lives.  In contrast, as a photographer, I have the honor of documenting some of life's most joyful and precious moments.


In both jobs I am required to be ready for anything to happen, at any moment. In both jobs, I am required to adjust and adapt with changing situations and to make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in. In both, there is opportunity for me to go above and beyond to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the people I am serving so that they can look back and say “Heather made the difference” in the experience they had.  

While I'm sure it might seem strange that I don't simply pick one career to put all of my energy towards, one important thing to know about me is that I treat every photo shoot with the same professionalism and urgency that I bring to my hospital and nursing career. It is in both careers that I find balance within my own life. 

Without photography, I’m not sure I could do my job as a nurse without losing sight of just how beautiful and special life really is! Without nursing, I'm not sure I could truly understand the importance of documenting precious memories for my clients and their loved ones.


Whether you’re looking for a photographer or simply want to develop your photography skills, I’m always excited to expand my network! Please feel free to mail a letter, send an email, or call to connect. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading :)



heather soucy, canon camera, photographer, registered nurse, martha's vineyard photographer
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