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2024 Wedding Inquiries

Hello & Welcome!

Heather Soucy is a couples, engagement, wedding, and special event photographer currently based in Martha's Vineyard. Owner and operator, Heather, is an experienced professional who strives to capture genuine moments and memories with an artistic and detail-oriented approach. Heather aims to preserve moments of laughter, joy, and authentic emotion and skillfully uses natural light to craft vibrant and true-to-life images with a deeply contrasted and cinematic look.

To all potential wedding or elopement clients, please read the following for an important update on how to submit an inquiry for the 2024 wedding season! 

*Already know the drill and just looking for where to send your message? 

Please mail to: Heather Soucy Photography - 260 Pleasant St, PO Box #1313 Berlin, MA 01503*

an update from Heather...

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for all things sentimental and, above all else, snail mail! Dating back to 1997 I began keeping every hand-written note given to me. Today, I have boxes of letters, cards, notes, save the date's, invitations, ticket stubs from hundreds of people and occasions throughout my lifetime...


After the busiest season of my photography career I have decided to add a new (old) form of communication to my inquiry-intakes to revolve around a more unique and sentimental experience! Some would argue, business is doing well - why change anything? However, as my business has grown, I have envisioned creating something more personal than the typical client/customer transactional relationship. This goes beyond me simply being available on your date and showing up where and when I'm supposed to be there.

No matter the photo occasion, I am deliberate in every step I take as your photographer and, above all else, value the connections that are born in the intimacy of the work that we do together. I hope the  communication method I am suggesting below will attract more clients who recognize these values and feel similarly about my mission when it comes to being your photographer - to create memories for your photographs to revolve around rather than photographs for your memories to revolve around. 

New Steps

Please, send mail! Send me something hand-written or crafted by you personally. Write a letter, create a scrapbook page, send a postcard of where you're from or where you're planning to get married. You can mail me a polaroid photo of your pet(s), a receipt from your last date-night together, a concert ticket stub or a coaster from the restaurant you had dinner at last night... It doesn't need to be anything extravagant or time consuming, just be yourselves and share with me a piece of your life. Feel free to share lots of details or simply write down the bare necessities (below) for me to get back in touch with you. All I ask is that you are open minded in sharing in a unique and meaningful experience with me, just as I am with each of you!

How it Works

Inquiries should:

  • be sent on behalf of yourself - not as a gift or gesture for someone else

  • be able to fit in a standard USPS 12x8 envelope (or smaller, please!)

  • In addition to something personal or why you're interested in working together, include the following information:

    • Name(s) 

    • Phone number

    • Email address

    • Wedding date & location (please include city/state if you wish to use a venue name)

Other things to keep in mind:

  • I will not officially mark a date as "booked" below until an agreement has been signed & a deposit has been received!

  • Before you inquire, please have a basic understanding of potential financial investment:

    • Standard wedding documentaries (6-12 hours of single-day coverage) range from $3,500-$6,300 depending on duration of coverage, return of images, desired number of photographers, engagement sessions & albums/prints *travel fees not included*

    • Domestic elopement documentaries range from $5,500-$6,500 (destination dependent) and include two 8-hour days of intimate coverage by me only, with no additional travel fees.

    • International elopement documentaries range from $5,500-$7,500 (destination dependent) and include up to three 8-hour days of intimate all-inclusive coverage by me only, with no additional travel fees.

Then What?

My BO Box will be checked every  other week in the winter, and every Tuesday in the summer. Within 72 hours of receiving your mail I will send an email providing a link to my personal calendar to set up a phone consultation (Woo!) or, I will notify you that I am sadly unable to take on your request so that you can quickly return to your photography search. If the date you have requested is pending with another couple, I will provide you with the option to be added to a 48 hour waitlist while we both wait for the pending couple to either accept or decline their booking. 

2023 *Remaining Availability*

Friday, 6/23

Friday, 8/4

Friday, 9/1

2024 dates booked - *no longer available*








Ready to Send Mail?

Please mail to: Heather Soucy Photography - 260 Pleasant St, PO Box #1313 Berlin, MA 01503

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